Three Crows

by Sean Donald

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released April 14, 2011



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sean Donald Toronto, Ontario

Sean plays the folk music of Ireland, Scotland, England and Southern Appalachia. These are songs of love and loss, good times and hard and these are also the songs that he writes. Sean is a multi-instrumentalist but plays primarily the guitar and the 5-string banjo in a number of different styles, having learned a great deal in his travels on his own and from musical communities. ... more

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Track Name: Three Crows
A man walked out one cold, dark morn,
The wind did blow and howl forlorn,
He took to a forest road,
Lined and filled with oak so broad,

The road had split on him,
He was to decide,
Whitethorn on the left,
Blackthorn on the right,

Blackthorn he had made his way,
Soon his mind began to stray,
He had come into a field,
And found the bones of a soldier beneath a shield,

A sword lay at their side,
Clenched within a claw,
A Purple thistle sharp,
Grew from out the jaw,

Then in yonder rowan tree,
There appeared black ravens three,
Each a berry in its beak,
A black, a red, a white so bleak

A fog fell on the field,
The birds began to fade,
And there in cloak concealed,
Appeared a dark haired made,

Blood ran cold beneath his skin,
Darkness came and deafening din,
"Pray do tell me whats your name,
For fear I know you just the same"

She gazed and peered at him,
And deep within her eyes,
A wild and raging storm,
Poured into the skies,

He took shelter 'neath the tree,
And there again black ravens three,
Rowan leaves began to fall,
And there became black ravens all,

Around the man they formed,
A dark and bitter shroud,
And with the soldiers bones
Took him high into the clouds

So be warned dark woods to tread,
You might stray to the land of the dead......